Sunday, March 29, 2009

hangin' on the telephone

Camera phone round-up:

First, thank you, whoever sent the random text message complete with a surprise snap of Chicago's Mayor Daley. It was an obvious misdial, therefore I cannot credit you properly, but again, thank you. It made me smile.

As did this receipt from an obviously dimly-lit Thai restaurant in the West Village. Thank you, Pookie SexyGal!

In other camera-phone-captured news, I hosted Aneek for a 5-boroughs-in-5-days visit. And that's not counting the road trip we took out to the farthest tip of Long Island - which is indeed long! - through The Hamptons and out to Montauk Light House.

And with that, thank you, Nick for having a Zip Car membership and driving all day and while we're at it, for the use of your camera phone on this one. I'll be posting more camera phone photos from our road trip, so look out!

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beebimbop said...

I wish I were more like that person who texted me that camera phone photo of Mayor Daley, because I would have loved to have been able to include a snap of Jason Bateman ordering from the butcher counter at Dean & Deluca. Alas, instead I pointed him out to Aneek and, like a New Yorker, went back to my spice shopping.