Thursday, March 05, 2009

the future will be better tomorrow. indeed.

I don't have a Facebook account, but do have a soft spot for randomly generated memes. That said, you're looking at it. My band Sidora's album the future will be better tomorrow. [Drew] Sidora, of Disney fame, being my random Wikipedia entry and the infinitely wise words of ex-Vice President Dan Quayle being my random quote. The photo comes from R. Motti's Flickr pool. So, should I start working on some South American-influenced minimalist Electonica? That's what this album cover is says to me.

Hello, blog friends. It's been a while. And what have I been up to in the realworldosphere? Not a lot. I traveled to Los Angeles and was momentarily wowed by palm trees and Birds of Paradise before being shuttled off to the Mojave where it was all snow on Yucca fronds and threats of closed mountain passes. That said, I spent a week with family and friends, my favorite event being an impromtu dinner with my grandparents, assorted cousins, an adorable second-cousin and my high school b.f.f.

Otherwise, I am rejoicing about this extra hour of daylight, doing my laundry and baking muffins.

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beebimbop said...

Scratch that - I do have a Facebook account.