Saturday, December 20, 2008

steam doesn't smell like burning

I was startled awake this morning by the sound of the smoke detector ringing throughout the building. For a second I was alarmed, but then I groaned; this is a normal occurrence around here. The high pitched beeping continued for a longer than usual, so I got out of bed just to make sure my apartment hadn't somehow engulfed itself in flames. Nope. I opened the front door to confirm my suspicions and was, as expected, hit in the face by the smell of burnt french toast.

I like my neighbors. I've found them to be a friendly lot and really, with the exception of the setting-off-the-smoke-alarm thing, respectful of noise levels and that sort of stuff. But, I have got a set of neighbors who are menaces in the kitchen. I wouldn't recognize them if I were to see them and I don't know their names, I only know they live on the second floor and cannot cook.

One night when they had set off the smoke alarm, after taking a moment to make sure Nick and I hadn't somehow started a fire, I opened the front door to hear the clanging of cookware and one of the budding chefs say, "I didn't think it was smoke. I thought it was steam!" Pretty classic, right? And if these young men honestly were not dangerous, I would have laughed, instead, I stopped myself from yelling, "Steam doesn't smell like burning, brainiac! Use the microwave from now on!" That said, I am for the first time considering rental insurance.

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...please where can I buy a unicorn?