Sunday, December 14, 2008

nostalgia train

When I first heard the city would be running a vintage subway train from 1931 - the Nostalgia Train - each Sunday during the holiday season and that each subway car features wicker seats and ceiling fans, you know, I was thinking rich earthy browns, plums and for some reason, decorative palms. Ok, I know, they're subway cars not luxury trains, but I think the wicker seats and ceiling fans just inspired a completely different image in my mind. Either way, I enjoyed wandering between cars during the ride from Lower East Side/2nd Avenue to Queens Plaza and listening to fellow passengers who rode these trains in their youth reminisce; the trains ran through the early 70s. Too bad there's little chance I'd wait an hour outside for a chance to ride the Nostalgia Bus.

Other riders captured festive and vivid subway car interiors; follow the link above.

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