Wednesday, December 10, 2008

An American Tail

Yesterday evening I came home and was compelled to wash my hands in the kitchen. So, I reached for the hot water knob and at that moment, a tiny, terrified mouse propelled himself into the air from somewhere inside the sink. This was a small mouse so he couldn't jump quite as high as the sink is deep; it seemed the little guy was trapped in there with a few glasses, some utensils and a baking dish filled with scummy-looking olive oil and lemon water.

At this point Nick entered the room. He'd come from the bathroom where he had just given his two favorite fish their last rites - they were two of the fish who traveled with us from Chicago in a water pitcher. Sad, I know. Anyway, I pointed out the mouse and Nick, fish net in hand, asked, "What should we do?" So, I said, "Catch him in your fish net!" Now, this is where the hilarity began, although I doubt the little mouse would agree.

Picture Nick trying to scoop up a tiny mouse, while the mouse is running circles around the sink, dodging the net, hiding under the lip of the glass baking dish, hopping up and down, squeaking... This went on for a few minutes and at some point, Nick accidentally doused the poor thing with the scummy olive oil and lemon water. What a mess!

Then Nick grabbed a plastic bag, hoping to pick-up the mouse dog-poo-style. After a few attempts, it worked, only then the greasy, little mouse squirmed out of Nick's hand on to the floor and under the refrigerator!

Needless to say, I'm now a girl with a mission. The little mouse was cute and to be honest, I wouldn't mind all that much if he stopped by from time to time, but I know it doesn't work that way. I pulled out my steel wool and started plugging the gaps around my pipes under the sink and behind the stove. I Googled and learned that mice hate peppermint, cloves, cayenne and oddly, Bounce drier sheets. I have cloves; I have cayenne. And that's about when I thought it'd be a good idea to dust the floor around the stove and refrigerator with cayenne. In theory, it was a great idea, only now, the following afternoon, my sinuses are still draining!

In other news, I'll post soon about what I've been up to and will put up a photo or two.



beebimbop said...

Nick especially enjoys telling the story about this time I baked a pie and left it to cool on the kitchen counter. I came back into the kitchen a little later to find a mouse on the counter approaching my pie! It saw me, I screamed and the mouse high-tailed it back into the gap above stove range. I just remember seeing it's bottom squeeze through the crack! Nick thought it was cartoonish. I personally think the story I just told is far more cartoony. Either way, enjoy.

beebimbop said...

So, it's now been a week and a half. I'm happy to report that I found a small mouse hole gnawed in the wall behind the stove. I stuffed it, too, with steel wool. Lo and behold, I haven't seen a moue since! Although I did hear rustling in the wall around the spot I stuffed up. I fear the buggers may just gnaw a new way through, but I plan to be diligent and am determined to keep the little pests out!