Saturday, November 22, 2008


Frida Kahlo's Casa Azul

I guess we can start the official holiday countdown. Although we haven't had snow in the city, it is ungodly cold and I've started hearing Christmas music while out and about. I'm looking forward to a short work week and the days leading up to Thanksgiving should be quiet - ah, quiet and double-ah, short work week.

While eating a hearty helping of seitan asada at Papacitos in Green Point earlier, I was thinking about the past four holidays spent in Chicago and a pleasantly unaware Thanksgiving spent in Mexico City last year. It's weird being back on the east coast. I look forward to hopping a bus home, a heaping helping of sides and some promised Tofurkey. Happy Thanksgiving, all.


beebimbop said...

... and to keep with the mood, I think I will now make a cup of Mexican Chocolate.

Nan said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too!