Sunday, September 28, 2008

blathering has no end

What an exhausting day. Today I discovered that getting to the eastern corner of Prospect Park from my little corner of the borough is completely inconvenient. Although, the final leg of the journey, the Prospect Park Shuttle, delights me to no end. I digress. And why exactly would one make such an effort — three transfers — to get to the eastern part of Prospect Park? Well, that's where the Brooklyn Museum, Botanic Garden and the Brooklyn Public Library are located. It's a pretty spectacular little corner of the borough.

It being another rainy day, a visit to the museum, even if out of the way, was a pretty ideal way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I only spent time on the 4th and 5th floors, but wandered through the decorative and American art exhibits, a contemporary Brooklyn artists exhibit and checked out the Center for Feminist Art which was showing Ghada Amer. Hubba-hubba most certainly, but completely interesting nonetheless.

Having worked up an appetite, my friends I headed to Park Slope for a bite and just past the Grand Army Plaza spied Maggie Gyllenhall pushing a stroller.

And here I am, home, exhausted, happy to be off my feet and looking forward to my next journey to Prospect Park.

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