Sunday, September 28, 2008

we're in a gang

So, Nick and I decided to head out to nearby Williamsburg tonight for a drink and a little something to do. We're minding our business and I swear the James Brothers get on the train at the Morgan stop. In typical Brooklyn fashion these dudes looked like they were going to a costume party. The one, we'll call him Jesse, was wearing boots and skinny jeans — hip, yes, check — a vest, sleeves rolled to the elbow, a bandanna around his neck and a handle-bar-moustache — oh, yea, check, check... check — but it was the holster-looking man bag that really threw the whole thing over the top — train robber chic! Out of control! I loved it. The hipster-doofi often appear to try hard, but you know, none of them go all 19th-century Wild West on your ass like that! Kudos.

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