Thursday, October 09, 2008

that's it?

Where to start? I've been absent from the blogosphere for weeks and I still haven't got that stinking New York state driver's license! Damned the License (not at all) Express. Anyway, I've been running around, intermittently feeling under the weather, Chinatown busing down to Philly for house parties, hosting old friends for marathon stays, I even found the time to see Stereolab last weekend. I've got stories to tell, but am not sure what they are at the moment? I don't think spying that kid who sees dead people at the Stereolab show and Nick thinking it hilarious to keep saying, "He looks like he's seen a ghost!" counts as a story. I won't let another two weeks pass before sharing my triviality.

Keeping with the theme, I was thinking about completely pointless books. You know the kind where the protagonist relentlessly contemplates some ethical or moral dilemma for hundreds of pages; the kind of book that's almost painful to read with it's incessant introspection and in the end (s)he punks out leaving you with your hands in the air going, "Are you kidding me? You spent hundreds of pages going on-and-on to just..."

I was thinking Crime and Punishment by Dostoevsky and The Heart of the Matter by Graham Greene — I really hate that one. I'd debatably add Catch 22. I certainly thought, "That's it? Are you kidding me?", but I guess that was the point, so it doesn't count. Have you got any suggestions? I'd love to make a list.

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ella said...

I think nick's bit is hilarious. i miss your banter.