Saturday, December 08, 2007

djibouti — great dj name or african nation?

... and the snow continues to fall. Will it continue through April? Something I'll have plenty of time to ponder.

On to other stuff. I was rather peeved by the continaul coverage Kelly Pickler received via the net this past week. I had been more than fine not being familiar with this particular American and am in no way embarrassed by her imbicility; her idiocy is her own. I feel the same about the Miss Teen South Carolina contestant who became an internet superstar a month or so ago due to her similar stupidity. There's quite obviuosly a breakdown in the American education system — although — I know a few people from both small-town North (the home state of Ms. Pickler) and South Carolina and have yet to ask them, but am positively confident they know that Hungaaahry is a country. So, again, I stick with my initial statement, these women's idiocy is completely their own. Perhaps these ladies should have watched more cartoons?

This one goes out to Ms. Pickler.

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Anonymous said...

U.S. Americans has become a catch phrase around our house - don't know about yours?