Wednesday, March 14, 2007

When I opened the email reading:

You're so wrong!!! (note the three exclamation points)

This most silent of cubes erupted in stifled laughter.

And why am I so wrong? Or, more specifically, why am I so wrong today? Today I am wrong because I harassed, maybe guilted, my local public radio station into giving me additional gifts for pledging money to them.

Tacky, I know. I am slightly embarrassed, really. Although, I think you might see that it was just a misunderstanding, really. And I apologized!

This morning I received an email from my local public radio station asking me to pledge money offering additional gifts only today! Covetous additional gifts, mind you! So, I hit reply and shot-off a playfully upset email pointing out that I pledged my support yesterday, yes, only yesterday, to find that they are offering coveted gifts today, including a DVD previewing a certain upcoming cable television show that I so badly want to see. (Look folks, I don't have cable, I donate that share of my income to public radio, so how else is this girl going to see the program, huh?)

Anyway, I assumed the unread email would lay to rest in some mass Chicago Public Radio email grave deep under the Navy Pier and Lake Michigan, only I got a response from the Manager of Listener Services offering me the aforementioned coveted gifts, in addition to the gift that I am already receiving, a kitty cat radio.

So, like lightening, I wrote Nick, who told me that I am so wrong!!!, I then wrote mentioned Manager of Listener Services and told her not to encourage my "baby behavior", but that I would be more than happy to accept her kind gifts all the same.

So, folks, that's the story of how tactless I can be and while I'm at it, have you pledged to your local public radio station? If you don't know which is your public radio station, pledge to mine.

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