Sunday, March 11, 2007

To bask in yesterday evening's warmth and celebrate the first of many *hopefully* soon to come warm Spring evenings, Nick and I threw on coats, grabbed a bottle of wine and sat ourselves out on the patio. A glass or so in, shocked to still feel our finger tips, Nick mentioned an email he'd received touting an airfare special to Hawaii. Now, both Nick and I have been plotting get aways, both crushed by the expense of airfare to our desired destinations. As a result, we each have been bating our time, waiting—for anything, well, to be honest, almost any thing.

As mentioned fare sounded too good to be true, Nick urged me and my deal-finding fingers to check it out, you know, just for kicks. I did. Filled in travel dates corresponding with the advertised deal, and much to our surprise, the deal was real! Maybe it was our mutual desire to just get out of town, maybe it was the bottle of wine we'd just consumed, either way, I clicked "purchase."

Nick made a phone call or two and secured us a room in a Waikiki hostel located on the beach. We laughed for maybe an hour about the absurdity of our spending 5 days in Hawaii! We pulled out duelling laptops and ewwwed and awwwed at photos of beautiful beaches surrounded by mountains, rain forests and volcanoes.

Now I've got that somewhat uncomfortable morning-after feeling: questions of regret, wondering what really happened, alas, all I've got to do is open my inbox and there it is, a confirmation email for two round-trip tickets to Honolulu in May.

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