Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Boo! Halloween's this week. Scary, isn't it? Where have the last two months gone? On my Sunday afternoon about-town, not only did I see that Rockafeller Center and Central Park have set-up their outdoor ice skating rinks, but that Radio City Music Hall has put up a Christmas tree and is advertising it's Holiday Spectacular! The holidays are upon us.

The fall holidays are by far my favorite, well, in addition to a fine dead-of-winter holiday, my birthday, and well, I like New Year's Eve, too. Ok, I'll admit, I've also always been into Independence Day, because I like fireworks. What was I talking about again? Right, my favorite, the fall holidays. Halloween's Friday and I haven't got a costume in mind. My co-worker's keep turning up after their lunch breaks with vampy dresses and wigs; I sure hope they wear this stuff to work. Any suggestions for an easy costume comprised of items found around the house?

In other news, Nick's been putting in phone time lately trying to convince my apolitical Mother who favors Obama to vote on Tuesday. She lives in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, I don't think he's worn her down, but she sure gets a kick out of talking to him. And while I still haven't got that driver's license, I am registered to vote in the state of New York - and Illinois - maybe I'll cast two ballots. One for me and one for my Mom? Chicago style - vote early, vote often?

What was this post about again? Right, the Phillies winning the World Series.

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beebimbop said...

I've been cracking up - to myself - thinking about Nick's costume last year. He went as "The Waiter Jean-Luc" you know the guy referenced by the women in the International Coffees commercial? Anyway, he looked like a french waiter... and a gondolier, Mario or Luigi... oh, my gawd. I'm cracking up even more now! I wonder if I could convince him to do a duo costume? We could be Mario and Luigi! (Of course I look more like The Princess, but that's not nearly so funny.)Ah, man!

So, the crack-up-thing - last year, I drew a moustach on him with eye liner and it wouldn't wash off for days! He had this little drawn-on moustach over his unshaven face... hahah hah

Mario and Luigi? So good!