Sunday, October 12, 2008

ad-jam man

Back in July I was taking the G and from the train window spied one of those subway advertisements for a show called Whores. I laughed and said, "Finally, the networks are cutting to the chase and just calling it like it is." I knew it was a collage, a piece of d├ętournement, if you will, but still; it was good. So, here we are, it's October and I finally figured out what's going on. Some guy, Poster Boy, is having a lot more fun waiting for his train than the rest of us. Some of his collages are funny, I particularly like his take on Californication or as he sees it Gentrification and being that I live here, Bushwick Glamerous. Check him out on Flickr.

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Nan said...

He's done some great stuff!