Tuesday, April 22, 2008

pencils come from pencil-vania

Happy Earth Day! And happy Equal Pay Day! What a confusing day for fashion. Should I have worn green to give Mama Earth a shout-out or red to show my sisters that I've got their back? Ah, the important issues.

So, what'd you all think of Chelsea Clinton's Gay Pub Crawl? I'll tell you what I thought — "Ah, man!" Ever been to Woody's, Bump, Sisters? I love my gay people and especially my gay people in Philly, but ah, man! haha I am glad she got some love — compliments on her hair and "ass of life." I always thought Chelsea got a rough break when her Dad was President and people, like that fat-ass Rush Limbaugh, called her ugly. But I suppose that's telling, who else are guys like that going to go after — if not little girls? Anyway. Go recycle something!

By the way, I'm listening to the results of the Pennsylvania Primary come in — Hi, Mom and Dad! — and you wanna' talk about a lost hit of the 90s? They're playing Jesus Jones' Right Here, Right Now at Clinton's campaign head quarters.

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