Wednesday, April 02, 2008

laissez les bons temps rouler

It's cold outside, but I feel it's spring-like when I look out a window. It's sunny. I didn't realize how much sun we haven't had, well, until we recently started having sunlight. I know it will be spring... eventually. It's the logical conclusion. That follows winter, right. Well, in preparation I've already began thinking about the drinks I will enjoy on my patio eventually, that could be May or June...

I'm thinking instead of the usual glass of wine or the rare Mint Julep, I may add Sazerac to the 'ole repertoire. How could I deny my palate the pleasure of one of the oldest, arguably, the first cocktail ever? Just thinking about it makes me want to look for budget airfare to New Orleans so I can sip one, or a few, seated at a bar in the French Quarter. Ah, how to give my humble patio some French Quarter flair?

I'm also thinking Kir or it's more bubbly sibling, Kir Royale.

While we're on this, who's got my back on this one? Nick laughed when I suggested the powers-that-be spring forward in the winter and fall back in the spring, allowing more daylight year-round for enjoying Happy Hour... just saying.

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