Friday, January 04, 2008

change - everyone's touting it

A group of guys got off The El ahead of me, one of which was whooping and hollering. I couldn't make out what he was raving about, but soon found him blocking the stairwell to praise this fair city to some poor bystanders — who I'm sure just wanted to go home. The guy proceeded to run down the stairs shouting, "I love Chicago! I looove Chicaaago!" Uh, ok? The guys headed out of the southern exit as I exited via the north, but within half a block of The El, I suddenly heard basting Electro. I tried to get a better look, but couldn't maneuver in the slushy snow and wasn't able to see well around the souped-up van parked between me and what appeared to be a bicycle towing a rig decorated with christmas lights and posters, one of which read, "Stop The War!" Awesome, but what was that about? All I have to say is, I'm feeling it. Keep it up. Let's be crazy: let's love our cities, share warm-and-fuzzies with our neighbors, let's take Peace to the streets. And with that, Happy New Year.

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