Friday, September 14, 2007

C - oo - ooo - onquest!

Today I'm in definite like with The White Stripes. Not that I ever don't like them, I just actually like-like them today.

Now I'm sure you're dying to know what motivated these unprecedented warm and fuzzy feelings for Jack and Meg White? No, I don't suddenly adore weird, pasty couples whose relationship to one another I still know to be ambiguous. Ok, ok. They're divorced, not siblings or divorced siblings.

I heard the hype this summer about their newest album, Icky Thump. I heard about genius Jack's experimenting with the roots of Roots Music. I heard the praise. Yes, yes, Jack White is now a musical historian, anthropologist genius... blah, blah... the guy did pen that catchy Roma soccer chant... er, Seven Nation Army...

Anyway. I still haven't heard said work of genius, but today, my friends, today, I did hear the song Conquest* **. Now this is something! And I mean, something: a musical number, really, ala signature drum and guitar, sung as a calvary call with tango flourishes. Oh, and I forgot, it's kind of funny. I think I'm in love with this one. E - ee - eeen - joooy!

* I hear this is a cover of a Patti Page song. Check it out.

** I heard the Patti Page song on an EBay commercial last night. Watch out.

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