Friday, April 13, 2007

Surprisingly, the sun is out and I feel human for the first time in weeks. I woke-up at six, the sun was already up, although, I didn't need to be, so I fell back asleep and had really weird dreams about adopting a cat-like creature from a friend, who in the end bullied and really terrified me. Who knows what that was all about? Potentially motivated by the cheap beer I'd consumed last night at the unfortunately named Stadium West—a dive bar nestled up at the intersection of California and Belmont.

It appears one thing the Logan Square-area is not lacking is an abundance of friendly, talkative bar matrons. Last night I met Sue, a middle-aged woman who's owned Stadium West for 22 years. She told us about the neighborhood 20 years ago, when one of the country's few pin ball machine factories was still in operation up the street and the workers of the three factories in the area, which are now all condos, would crowd into her bar for drinks and Chinese food. It's a rough call friends, as I do feel a kinship with Maria at the Whirlaway, but you know, as Nick pointed out, she's not missing me. Besides, if it weren't for Maria, there's no way I'd go to there. The patrons squeezed into every nook of the place, I'm reluctant to call them hipsters—as they're not really very hip—really work my nerves and Maria's ordering pizzas and dishing-up treats just doesn't make up for it. Shrug. I fear if I were at Stadium West on a busy night I may feel the same way, who knows? For now, I'll stick to early evening visits, have a super-inexpensive drink, play a game of pool and clear out before Lula, Wolfbait and the B-Girls* show-up.

So, again, before digressing, as I'm so prone to do—the sun is out and I feel like a human for the first time in weeks... Although the weather hasn't allowed you to believe it, it is spring, folks. Meaning, stuff's starting to happen in the city. This makes me feel like the proverbial ice has melted and all the little events frozen beneath are starting to show their little heads and bloom. Ummm. Hmmm. I'm thinking of paying a visit to DEPART-ment this weekend. It's the quarterly gathering of crafters, designers, generally all sorts of DIY folk. It's taking place at the Open End Gallery, near Fulton & Damen, Friday night, Saturday and Sunday, 11-5. I'm also thinking of making a trip to the Urban Outfitters (ewww) in Wicker Park (don't look at me that way!) Sunday evening at say, 5-ish as the Klaxons are playing a free concert there. It's part of a greater benefit series aimed at promoting independent radio. The ole' UO is so on top of this one! Again, I digress. I think The Rapture are playing the Philadelphia event.

*I have absolutely no beef with either the Lula Cafe or Wolfbait & The B-Girls, as a matter of fact I'm gald both are on the Square, as they make it a nicer place to be. Ahhh. See.

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