Thursday, April 12, 2007

So it goes

I've been on a punctuality kick of sorts. I don't know? Feeling good, showing a good face, trying not to get busted by my boss—all this stuff.

So confident I am, that this morning I ran next door and grabbed a cup of coffee on the way in and was still early. I sat down with my coffee, turned on the computer, started perusing the news and—BOOM—The Guardian is running a teaser shot of a crocodile with what appears to be a limp, pallid human hand in it's mouth!

It's 8:58 or so. Figuring I've only got a few sips of coffee in my stomach and haven't got a lot to lose, I click the button. To what am I directed? A post-getting-arm-bit-off photo gallery of an arm-clutching crocodile, a crocodile being shot at so people could dislodge said arm, shots not fazing crocodile and this is followed by a shot of a man with a big net approaching niiiiice crocodile. In the end, someone somehow pried the arm from the crocodile's mouth and doctors were able to reattach it to the veterinarian, who was photographed later in the hospital smiling and waving his other arm at the press.

Is it just me or does the seemingly grinning crocodile resemble a certain ticking, Never-Never Land crocodile? And speaking of Peter Pan, not to imply in anyway that I think he had a case of Peter Pan Syndrome, no, I think if anything he was more of a Lost Boy, as it seems I'm oft to think of people. But I then read of Kurt Vonneguts death. Which I find incredibly sad. I know he was 84, but it just seemed like he'd always be around wise-cracking and drawing crude pictures, I suppose as everyone's wont to say, "So it goes."

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