Friday, January 14, 2011

Today or next year I'll always be near...

I've never known much about Trish Keenan. I didn't even know her age until it was printed today (she was 42). That said, the music she created has greatly enhanced much of my adult life.

I was introduced to Broadcast when Nick lamented his lost copy of Work and Non Work. I happened to be thumbing through a record shop shortly thereafter and came across it. I gave it to him for my birthday. In the interim, I'd slipped the record on to my turntable and was frightened by its eeriness and intensity -- that said, it's the record I most wanted to hear tonight. Shortly thereafter, we had the opportunity to see Broadcast perform. It was both an intimate and a mind-blowing experience; I became a devoted fan then and there.

In the years that followed I've been excited by the possibility of each new recording and live performance. I took for granted that I would have years to enjoy what Trish Keenan created and have learned today that I will miss a person I have never met.

This is the one that tripped me up that first time I listened to this record, but there are so many beautiful tracks, you should check them ALL out. Really, do yourself a favor.

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