Tuesday, September 09, 2008

some sharp provolone with that whine

It's been a week. A week that makes me feel a bit like the number one wet blanket. While Nick's of the This is amazing! I left my apartment 20 minutes ago and am now standing in the middle of Union Square! mindset. My feeling is far more, er, pragmatic. I'm like, Yah, I walk through Union Square on my way to and from work everyday. Arg.

I think I need a day off. I think I need a copy of the Village Voice. I haven't had much time for wandering as my New York existence has felt like one big shuffle from Brooklyn to the office and back. I think my wandering should be more disciplined. You're right, that's not wandering. That's a plan. I need a plan.

Don't fear for me completely, friends. I do recognize the uniqueness of my surroundings. While walking up 6th Avenue to work in the morning I am fortified by the sight of the Empire State building and the smell of roasted nuts from a street side vendor. I take pleasure in impromtu Free Jazz being played in Tompkins Square Park and Jazz Manouche in the subway. I enjoy the hustle and I like New Yorkers. It's only been a week. I'll take a personal day soon.

I'll post some road trip photos, pictures taken at Nick's Dad's cabin and some photos taken from my bedroom window next as the story continues...

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