Tuesday, September 16, 2008

the one where I reference the guys from Devil in the White City a lot

It's fall this evening after what I hope was the last of summer Sunday. The sky's looking rather painterly; all periwinkle with fluffy dusty rose clouds and there's a chill in the air. I'm anticipating fall, but think I need a few sweaters. Nick and I got library cards over the weekend. I've read the first Sherlock Holmes mystery mostly during my commute — it's short. Did you know it's about Mormons? Mysterious indeed.

Anyway. We had our first guests Friday night. Two Philly friends came up for a concert at Radio City Music Hall. Their bus was arriving in Chinatown around the same time Nick and I were finishing work. With a handy bit of coordination Nick and I met underground and then they met us at our stop. We had a surprisingly good supper at a divey Vietnamese spot, then Mike, Sarah and I hopped on the F train up to Radio City and Nick walked to The Village to spend an evening exchanging music trivia with a fellow DJ and talking to a Chicago ex-pat.

I'd never been inside Radio City Music Hall. It's a bit like walking into 1937. The band was good, the light-show blinding at times, but all in all a good time. Afterward, Mike and Sarah realized they wouldn't be able to catch the last Chinatown bus back to Philly, so I gladly offered them use of our new pull-out bed, blow-up bed, whatever they wanted. They agreed, we stayed up chatting and the next morning I walked them to the M.

Nick and I headed out a little later in the afternoon. We wandered around the Jefferson Market Library where we got our aforementioned library cards and then wandered around Central Park. I think we walked from 86th Street to 61st! The park really is amazing. It smells like the outdoors, not like out of my door, but like nature.

Otherwise, I discovered Madison Square. It's really near where I work, only I never realized it was there. It's pretty crazy, they've got this faux-beach set up between lanes of traffic on Broadway outside the park. There's no faux-ocean, just sand glued to the pavement, potted palms, assorted flora and tables and chairs. The park itself has an oddly European air and there's a spot called the Snack Shack all done up with hanging lights. On the south end of the park is the Flat Iron Building. I hope to spend my lunch hour there soon.

Hot off the presses: Nick just got us tickets to see Stereolab at Irving Plaza, near Madison Square, in a few weeks. It's the forth and final show of the series and special because the opening band will be the lead singer of Sterolab's side project, Monade. How she intends to pull off all of that singing off I don't know, but am anticipating watching her try.

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