Wednesday, June 18, 2008

secret secret garden

At dusk I found myself wandering through a small clearing looking for an illusive firefly. I found him. He bobbed in front of me and I searched for sisters and cousins. That's when I spotted a path between the trees; the arched tree limbs making a tunnel lined with small flowers and dandelions. As I walked the path, I saw a deliberate mound covered in vegetation — a secret garden. Someone had carefully planted rows of lettuce, carrots, beets and two towers covered in sweet pea vines. I looked around. On one side of the traffic median were parked cars, cars whizzed by on the other. As I stood there, between lanes of traffic, I thought of Beatrix Potter. I made my way back to the clearing to look for more fireflies and that's when I spotted him — a young Peter Rabbit. He eyed me suspiciously, then went back to grazing. He is a city rabbit after all and the speeding traffic is far more threatening than any potential Mr. McGregor.

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