Tuesday, December 25, 2007

merry merry

Happy Holiday! Here's to family, friends, good food and good times. If you're like me, you may have done a solo Christmas; the friends and family action may have taken place via the telephone, but it doesn't mean you've skimped on the the good times and good food, right?! I've also been partaking in the one small bonus a lone Christmas can offer — when none of your neighbors are around, you can play records as loudly as you'd like, as late as you'd like. In addition, you can dance around your apartment, as loudly as you'd like, as late as you'd like. It's true, it doesn't replace family and friends, but is enjoyable nonetheless. So, yes, folks. That leaves me here pondering how to spend the rest of my Christmas evening — oh, the adventures that await me! Happy holiday, friends!


ismellfood said...

at last! someone else who appreciates the flight of the conchords!!!

:) E

Anonymous said...

Dear Bimbeebop,

Thanks for the lovely postcard all the way from Chicago! Sorry to have taken so long to answer, I was out of the country during the holidays.

I am glad you enjoy Radio Oh la la and my goal is to continue to be a bright ol' beacon of French fun :)

Cheers and keep up the nice blogging!