Friday, October 05, 2007

intergalactic domination, er, denomination

I initially thought, "Ew, ew! What are those colorful, squishy-looking things?" Well, upon further investigation I found out that these colorful things are Quid. Quid being the same as they are in Britain - that's right, folks, money. Only these Quid are space money! And while I had been attracted to these colorful, shiny things, I am now, a bit, oh, I don't know?

For one, I will never hold a shiny, non-stick-pan-polymer, little Quid in my hand. Don't know if you know this about me, guys, but I am not a multimillionaire. Nor am I especially into the idea of travelling to space or even spending time there. So, when the budget-space-tourism-shuttle's ready for blast-off, I still won't be queued-up

And for two, WTF?!? Somebody's already making money for space when there's nowhere to spend it? They haven't even got that inflatable, sounds like a greeeat idea, space hotel up there yet, let alone the gambling facilities and nightclubs that'll inevitably follow *.

* Not to be a party pooper, I'm just saying, with the entrepreneurs already jumping on this space tourism business and oddly, the numerous references to shady night life in science fiction like holosuites, the cantina on Tatooine...

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