Wednesday, October 24, 2007

tears dry on their own

I love Halloween and am really bummed to have no plans this year. Partially because, as I've already stated, I love Halloween, but mostly because I want to be Amy Winehouse* like sooo bad. An opportunity to sport a crazy-bouffanted witch wig, garish fake nails, Cleopatra eye-liner, arms full of fake tattoos, huge earrings, even the cliched blacked-out tooth and fake blood(y ballet flats) — oh, hahaha . It's really the perfect costume, not only is it scary, but the more you indulge at the 'ole Halloween party, the more you're in character!

* Not that I need to make a note, but suspicious rapid weight loss, drug addiction and general messiness aside, I really like the ole' "Wino."

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