Friday, August 10, 2007

it's all part of the learning curve

I just couldn't wait, so I rolled-up my (nonexistent) sleeves and whipped-up a mango sorbet. I, as predicted, adapted the aforementioned recipe, mostly just the quanties, and created a creamy melon-colored treat. I was pleased, as this time the liquid contents did not freeze as quickly, ala Shakleton, once introduced to the frozen inner chamber of my ice cream maker. The puree slowly thickened as it froze and I leisurely turned the blade.

So here's what I did:

Chopped one mango into large squares which I added to the food processor,
juiced one lime and added a generous pinch of zest to the mix,
added 1/3 a cup of sugar,
poured in 1/3 a cup of water,
and a pinch of minced mint leaves

Initially I thought the lime would add enough interest to the sometimes cloyingly sweet mango, but then I decided maybe a hint of mint would add some contrasting sweetness. So what did I do in this indecisive state? That's right, added a handful of raspberries. I thought the raspberry swirl might create visual interest and some potential tartness. This is my recipe and I have a tendency to go-on-and-on, but I stopped myself here and hit pulse.

I cooled the puree for half an hour and then added it to my machine. Within 20 minutes I had an appropriately summery-looking sorbet. Of course I had to sample a spoonful and I declare it delish.

I will issue a warning — this will only make one pint and a measily one at that.

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Emily said...

I love your ice cream experiments!!! I haven't done anything so "complicated" in too long. you may be innspirational :)