Saturday, June 23, 2007

batman begins again

When people ask, "How's work?" I have a standard reply, "Uneventful."

Not that my office is a boring or a horrible place. Quite the contrary. My office is just, for the most part, void of gossip or dislikeable characters. Everything's pretty straight forward and honestly, laid back. So, I've been pleased that my cubicle window looks straight into the action this summer–the set of the newest Batman movie. I've finally got something to say.

My office mates crowd around my window in intervals to speculate about what the props being built will be used for, whether that huge spot light atop the parking garage projects the bat signal, whether that tarped vehicle is indeed the Batmobile and whether that guy walking around below is Christian Bale and, of course, like the news women in this broadcast, chatter about how dreamy he is.

It seems all I need is a huge spotlight, who's purpose I can only guess, blocking my cubicle entrance to create a little buzz in my otherwise humdrum 9 to 5 existance.

Here's a report.

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