Wednesday, May 02, 2007

random ramblings

A message that I got a message? What? Gio sent me a message. Oh.

I came across April's bulletin shortly after logging-in, boasting the url to her and her girlfriend Janelle's on-line travel journal. Seems my girl's started her cross-country road trip to LA. It's so exciting!

All of those great LA stereotypes: stucco, Deco-style apartment buildings, even better—bungalows! Birds of Paradise and the smog hanging between the hills. Geez. As excited as I am for April, you'd almost think I'm jonesin' for California!

And on a completely unrelated note, I again, have bombed the bass and am rockin' this place, er, cubicle! Earlier I volunteered to do a completely mindless and tedious task. Why? Because that's just the way I am—mindless at times, but never tedious—I am nice. That's right, nice, ole' me is stuffing promotional materials and got an idea! This would be a great time to catch-up with Neneh and Andi Dish It Up! So, I did a quickie search on youtube and thanks to Nenehfan, I watched the first two episodes while stuffing packets.

And is it really the ewww and awww fest I thought it might be? Well, I like that these ladies, proper old-school friends, are very hands-on with the food and, er, drinks, all while listening to wonderful music. Plus, I think the menus are great in that whole keep it simple, use a few fresh and interesting ingredients-way!

In the end, I am missing my own girlfriends and hoping that this Nenehfan keeps posting episodes to youtube!

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