Wednesday, April 04, 2007

cookin' good's a state of mind

The thirty-one year-old me, which is really just the inverted thirteen year-old me, is lookin' good hanging with the wild bunch, lookin' good in a buffalo stance...

And this lunch hour, in this cubicle, I've bombed the bass, rocked this place, so to speak, and am catching up with Neneh Cherry. Why, may you ask? Because today, at 8 pm GMT, BBC2 is debuting Neneh Cherry's cooking show! Not to digress, but that's in like 2 minutes.

It's called Neneh & Andi Dish It Up. So, for the debut episode, Neneh and her girl, Andi Oliver will have twelve of their girlfriends over for Margaritas and nosh.

I sooo wanna' tune-in to this ewww and awww-fest too!

Instead I'm left wondering: Whuut is he like? Whuut is he like anyway?...Ya' know I mean!

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