Sunday, February 04, 2007

I wish I could take outdoor photos for you, but I'll be honest, that's just not going to happen anytime soon—at least according to the 10-day forecast. And it's a shame, really. Nick and I ran out last night, mind you, the thermometer on the bank read 2 degrees, to return an amazingly awesome movie and since we were going to freeze our faces off, get some Mexican food. Among the odd, many photo-ops encountered, I so wanted to take a picture of this huge billboard in the neighborhood which read: Para la lucha diaria or For the daily fight and featured a prominent Luchador and a power drink!

Now, skipping back, right before leaving for aforementioned walk, I noticed stadium lights were iluminating my kitchen. Now, there's no stadium nearby and the lights were never there before so, on the way out, I walked to the corner to see what was going on. And of course, someone was filming some post-production-something-or-other for a Vince Vaughn movie! A movie titled Fred Claus and oh-mi-gawd, there's already a website. I'm assuming this will be out sometime Christmas 2007. *wink* And please don't read that as an endorsement.

Mary of the Ladies Room. I promise to share my pictures of Mary of the Overpass sometime.

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