Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The barely registering temperatures, frozen pipes and usual February doldrums have been hard to shake, which is especially frustrating considering it's been the week of my birthday and that usually provides some cheer in this most oppressive of all winter months. What's a girl to do? Trudge along, through the shin-deep snow and howling winds, I suppose.

While listening to radio campus paris today, I happened upon a link to deerhoof's site and was entertained, probably more than any person who isn't high should be, by the link to the electric rainbow machine. I was oddly and equally drawn to the trashlites.

While bopping around I sent myself an e-card to see what a deerhoof e-card could possibe be about. In the end I was far less impressed by the e-card than I was by reading a greeting from my alternate personality, no, not Lady Sovereign, Claudia.

I wasn't certain Claudia could ever exist without Claus, but this afternoon was oddly intriqued by the possibility. Now, Claudia, Claudia may be able to stir up some excitement to counteract this most dull of winter doldrums.

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