Saturday, January 06, 2007

This morning while perusing my usual assortment of news pages, blogs, etc., I found a tidbit about Mareva Galanter and with very little effort, found myself in the midst of some neo-yéyé, ukulele madness: namely

I didn't invest much time attempting unsuccessfully to read Ms. Galanter's bio, but garnered that she is a previous Miss France who grew-up in Tahiti, hence the ukulele.

So I spent way too much time browsing the videos on her site, finding the idea of ukuyéyé to be both as exciting, and not nearly as exciting, as I'd hoped. Alas, I discovered that Mareva's album is comprised of amped-up Euro-style covers of yéyé classics and tracks salvaged from Pop à Paris compilations.

Her single is pretty obviously Pourquoi pas moi, as it constantly plays while the site is open. But you can find the videos for her other yéyé covers by clicking on the bottom right icon ukuyéyé scopitones on le page accueil.

Enjoy this mornings time-suck.

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